Looking for a flight? One-way, round-trip, circular or round-the-world?
Entrust your search to us, and our experts will suggest the ideal connection and calculate the price of your trip, however complex it may be. So put us to the test! / phone +41 22 734 35 35


Are you looking for a luxury hotel, a charming hotel, a family hotel or a hotel for two, of various qualities but at an interesting price? No problem, because this is one of our main strengths! All destinations are within our (and therefore your) reach! We have reservation systems that give us access to more than 100'000 hotels around the world with partners as recognized as Expedia or Bedsonline among others.

Thanks to a partnership with several luxury hotel chains, we also offer a range of benefits to clients looking to stay in very high end hotels, such as an upgrade on arrival (subject to availability), free breakfast for 2 people per room, $100USD available for food and beverages at the hotel or to be used at the hotel's Spa, early or late check in. Our team will be happy to give you more information about this! / phone +41 22 734 35 35


Want to relax? Try your hand at sports? Or simply relax by the pool? Opt for a stay in a hotel-Club. You won't have a minute to get bored. Fitness, sports activities, a wide range of activities and entertainment, supervised by people you can trust.
For a family stay, your little ones will also find what they're looking for, supervised by a team of professionals in specially adapted mini-clubs. So you can get away from it all, have fun and enjoy your free time to the full, while your children and grandchildren are looked after by professionals. They'll have fun, and you'll enjoy it! / phone +41 22 734 35 35


Take a comfortable vacation aboard a cruise ship, discover new countries and landscapes, and all without a care in the world! You'll find peace and serenity, and experience unforgettable moments of emotion.
We offer a wide choice of cruises, so you'll be spoilt for choice. You'll be spoilt for choice. Whether you're traveling alone, as a couple or with your family, a cruise is the promise of a total change of scenery! Let yourself be tempted and come aboard! / phone +41 22 734 35 35


Find the wellness trip that meets your expectations. Treat yourself to a holiday of relaxation and total revitalization thanks to the benefits of the sea!
A wide range of weekend packages or thalassotherapy, spa and thermalism stays are available, with accommodation alone or with transport, for standard or special cures. Treat yourself... / phone +41 22 734 35 35


We offer a variety of quality group tours: sport and adventure, nature and discovery or sightseeing and culture. Leave with your eyes closed, thanks to finely-tuned itineraries, quality accommodation and expert guides who will plunge you into the very heart of the country's culture. A varied offer to suit all tastes and budgets.
Are you an individualist? Opt for an itinerant tour that lets you discover all the facets of a country at your own pace, with the best suggestions from professionals. With your own rental car and pre-booked accommodation, you can set off on your own adventure, without counting the number of stops, and decide for yourself how much time you want to devote to each visit... / phone +41 22 734 35 35


We offer you a vast selection of itineraries to Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa...
A wide range of products such as group or individual tours, in lodges, in tents, in 4×4... Or your private itinerary à la carte. Don't hesitate to contact us! / phone +41 22 734 35 35


Would you like an à la carte trip, to plan your itinerary as you wish, or a private tour accompanied by a competent guide just for you during your journey?
Whether you're looking for a first approach and want to discover several sites in just a few days and make you want to return, or for a complete discovery at a carefully studied pace and soak up all the history and culture, we'll be the best architects to tailor-make the trip of your dreams. Take advantage of our expertise! / phone +41 22 734 35 35


Would you like to travel with friends, family members, members of an association, classmates, work colleagues or as part of a group of individuals? We are happy to take care of all your requests for tailor-made group travel. We help you plan your trip down to the last detail and leave nothing to chance. You will receive a detailed program before departure and we will be there for you at all times during your group travel, especially in case of emergency. / phone +41 22 734 35 35


Travel plans to meet all your requirements.
Business travel is a complex and demanding field, requiring a high level of responsiveness and operational solutions in all circumstances. The success of our CB Travel Services reflects our quest for excellence and the satisfaction of our corporate clients. / phone +41 22 919 70 35


Would you like to explore your favorite destination in complete freedom?
Then opt for a rental car! We'll find you the best package for your comfort, from among the multitude of existing offers. We wish you a pleasant journey! / phone +41 22 734 35 35


Are you dreaming of a unique, made-to-measure honeymoon?
An island getaway in the colors of your dreams, a voyage of adventure and discovery?
Then get your guests involved in your project. Submit your wedding list to our agency. According to your wishes, we'll organize the trip that suits you and that will remain an unforgettable experience. / phone +41 22 734 35 35



If you want to offer a common gift, or if there are several people who want to offer a common gift, think about offering a gift certificate or opening a birthday list where everyone can easily participate online. / phone +41 22 734 35 35


What could be more tedious than obtaining a visa?
Where is the consulate, what documents do I need to present?
Wasting precious time travelling!
You can avoid all this hassle by entrusting this mission to yourself. / phone +41 22 734 35 35