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7 messages.
Tanja Corthésy Tanja Corthésy de Nyon a écrit le novembre 9, 2023 à 9:26 pm
Un accompagnement d'excellente qualité pour notre séjour à Soma Bay en Egypte. Merci à l'équipe de Charter !
Daniela Ben Slimane Daniela Ben Slimane from Geneva a écrit le septembre 3, 2023 à 5:33 pm
Comme d’habitude excellente organisation de nos vacances par l’équipe de Charter voyage. Cette fois-ci nous avons pu découvrir la Grèce où tout a été merveilleusement bien organisé du début à la fin. Encore un grand merci de nous faire découvrir tous ces lieux inoubliables. Merci à vous tous
Nicolas Mentha Nicolas Mentha from Geneva a écrit le septembre 28, 2022 à 5:46 pm
The team of Charter Voyages SA at the top! Our trip to Jordan was a success in every way. From the direct flight from Geneva to Amman with the Royal Jordanian, to the car rental for the 12 days stay, to the excellent choice of hotels near the airport of Amman, Petra, Aqaba and near the Dead Sea. The stay in the desert of Wadi Rum in a Bedouin camp and the suggestions of visits according to the itinerary (loop), the judicious acquisition of the Jordan Pass allowed the success of this trip, of this country so welcoming. A warm thank you to the team of Charter Voyages SA, it was a pleasure to set up this trip with them.
Ghyslaine Grandjean Ghyslaine Grandjean from Geneva a écrit le juillet 21, 2022 à 9:31 am
Excellent professional agency. I recommend them. Went solo to South Africa for my 50's. Arrived on December 31 in Cape Town, in the afternoon. Ate in the best sea front side restaurant thanks to the great team of my hotel. Got home at 6am. My trip started well! And it continued with the discovery of splendid landscapes and, among other things, this unexpected meeting ... the unexpected encounter of a female cheetah in the bush. In short... Charter understood everything well and I spent exceptional vacations.
Alain Crombecque Alain Crombecque from Geneva a écrit le juillet 21, 2022 à 9:27 am
We have returned from our trip to Tanzania which was perfect. Beautiful lodges, we also loved the Zuri hotel, you understood very well what we like in this matter, very friendly and professional guide, everything was very good and worked perfectly.
Patrice Butty Patrice Butty from Geneva a écrit le juin 29, 2022 à 11:27 am
We left for a trip in Asia with Charter SA. The listening, the advice and the availability of the Charter SA team were remarkable. There was not a single problem during our stay which included a visit to 3 countries (Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand) and 8 flights. In spite of a catastrophic sanitary period these last 2 years, the quality of the customer service at Charter SA is always TOP! Bravo and thank you to all the team
Flores Antoine Flores Antoine from Geneva a écrit le novembre 10, 2021 à 2:58 pm
Very warm, fast, efficient and a very good quality service. Top of the top!